Area Information: Silver City, New Mexico

As the sun sets over the rugged landscapes of Silver City, New Mexico, a distinctive charm unfolds, drawing in individuals seeking not just a home, but a piece of southwestern allure. If you're contemplating joining the fabric of this dynamic city, get ready for a captivating journey. Our insider's guide unveils the essentials, from the pulse-keeping utility companies to the tucked-away treasures and local whispers that will seamlessly guide you into the embrace of this spirited community.

Silver City, Grant County, New Mexico, USA

Southwestern New Mexico

Elevation: 5,919′

Nearby Cities: Deming, NM - 53 miles, Truth or Consequences, NM - 64 miles, Las Cruces, NM - 112 miles, El Paso TX, - 154 miles, Tucson, AZ - 199 miles, Albuquerque, NM - 235 miles, Phoenix, AZ - 266 miles.

Grant County Seat: Silver City

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Current Weather

Monthly Averages: Average Lows - Average Highs

January: 27°F - 53°F         February: 29°F - 57°F

March: 33°F - 63°F           April: 38°F - 70°F

May: 46°F - 78°F              June: 55°F - 88°F

July: 60°F - 87°F               August: 59°F - 85°F

September: 53°F - 81°F   October: 43°F - 71°F

November: 33°F - 60°F.    December: 27°F - 53°F


Average Annual Precipitation: 16-17 inches | High of: 2.2" in July, Low of: 0.2" in April | Average Humidity: 26% low, 53% high.


Populations (as of 2021):

Silver City: 9,704

Doña County: 28,178

New Mexico: 2,116,000


Silver City Chamber of Commerce                        Silver City, Economic Development                                             Emergency Lines: 

3031 US-180, Silver City, NM 88061                                                 (575) 541-2286                                                    Silver City Police Department: (575) 538-3723

(575) 524-1968                                                                                        Silver City Sheriff: (575) 574-0100

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm                                                                                                                                                            New Mexico State Police: (575) 526-0795

Local News:

Silver City Daily Press                    Grant County Beat


Silver City Consolidated Schools

Silver Scholars Academy (Pre-K)                     Cliff Schools (K-12th)                 

Public Schools

   G.W. Stout Elementary (1st-6th)                     Harrison Schmitt Elementary (1st - 6th)                     Jose Barrios Elementary (1st-6th)                     Sixth Street Elementary                     La Plata Middle (7th and 8th)                     Silver High (9th - 12th)                    Aldo Leopold Charter School (6th-12th)