At Saenz & Smith, we're dedicated to actively participating in and supporting our community. Through our recent collaboration with Adam's Radio, we've found an excellent platform to not only showcase our brokerage but also spotlight the remarkable projects and organizations that make our community thrive. This partnership isn't just about promoting ourselves – it's about shining a light on the vital work being done right here in our backyard.

          The Grajeda-Huckaby Low Barrier Housing Fund is a newly created organization that helps fulfill the need for immediate housing support. While there are many programs that provide housing for individuals in need, The Grajeda-Huckaby Low Barrier Housing Fund works to fulfill gaps in these preexisting programs. Rather than provide on-going housing this project works to provide temporary housing for various reasons.

           To find out more information about the fund you can click here or here to make a donation, or you can watch the video below to see our spotlight with Adam's radio!