Today, in the spirit of April being Autism Awareness Month, we're highlighting the Papen-Aprendamos Autism Diagnostic Center, a vital resource serving southern New Mexico. Founded through collaborative efforts and generous contributions, this center stands as a beacon of support for individuals and families affected by autism. 

          At the Papen-Aprendamos Autism Diagnostic Center, their mission is clear: to provide comprehensive evaluations and support services for individuals of all ages, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses. Beyond diagnosis, the center offers innovative programs and training initiatives, empowering both NMSU students and community organizations with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate autism effectively.

          Led by Abel Covarrubias and supported by community leaders like former state Senator Mary Kay Papen, the center's impact extends far beyond its walls. Through transformative initiatives and scholarships, it fosters a culture of compassion and service, reflecting a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those it serves.

          As the only center of its kind in southern New Mexico, the Papen-Aprendamos Autism Diagnostic Center plays a crucial role in providing hope, understanding, and support to our community. We're proud to stand behind this essential resource and its dedication to creating a brighter future for individuals with autism and their families.

          To learn more check out their Facebook page or click here for their NMSU page. OR you can watch the video below to see our spotlight with Adam's radio!